Sunday, August 8, 2010

Are You a Woman With Low Libido/Sexual Desire and Want Some Help?

A lack of Sexual Desire that causes distress is defined as one of the Female Sexual Dysfunctions (FSD), specifically, Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD). In other words, the lack of have sexual desire is what is distressing for the woman. For example, if a woman is in a relationship, and the husband is ill, and there is no desire/interest for sex due to the circumstances, then this scenerio is not HSDD. However, if a woman would like to have sex, but simply does not feel the urge/desire but wants to and cannot, and this lead to stress in her relationship, then this scenerio is HSDD.

If you are a woman who is distressed by her lack of sexual desire and this leads to distress or stress in your relationship, you may qualify to voluntarily enroll in one of two Phase III studies through my office. I have the honor of being recently selected by research coordinators in Phoenix, working with BioSante Pharmaceuticals, to help enroll women, whether they are my patients or not, into one of two trials studying LIBIGEL, which is a testosterone gel.

The study of testosterone gel is the Bloom Study, which is comprehensive in order to not only see if testosterone gel can boost a woman's sexual desire, but ensuring safety as well.

To see if you qualify to enroll, scroll to the bottom for a contact and link.

From BioSante's website:

"LIBIGEL is a gel formulation of testosterone designed to quickly absorb through the skin after a once-daily application on the upper arm, delivering tesotsterone to the blood stream evenly over time and in a non-invasive and painless manner.

The concept behind the LIBIGEL development program is intriguing- to develop a product to treat women who siffer from female sexual dysfunction for which there is no clinically tested, FDA approved product, and do this with a drug that will be shown to be safe and effective, and affordable both to develop and for women to use. The LIBIGEL development program has been designed to show that LIBIGEL can safely improve women's sexual desire and the frequency of satisfying sexual events and decrease personal distress assocaited with low sexual desire in women with HSDD. LIBIGEL could be the first FDA approved product to treat HSDD in menopausal women.

Though gnerally characterized as a male hormone, testosterone also is present in women and its deficiency has found to decrease libido or sex drive. In addition to increasing sexual desire and activity, and decreasing sexual distress, studies have shown that testosterone therapy can increase bone density, raise energy levels andimprove mood. The goal of testosterone treatment in women complaining of HSDD is to increase the serum testosterone towards the normal range."

I am conducting two studies as a sub-Investigator for LIBIGEL:

Women who have HSDD and are menospausal from surgery (ovaries removed)

Women who have HSDD and are naturally menospausal.

Please contact Meaghan Carpenter, Site Director for Connect Clinical Research Center at:


to see if you qualify.

BioSante's website is:

A recent report on LIBIGEL showing cardiac and breast safety and thus getting aproval to continue with research: