Friday, March 26, 2010

Overactive Bladder? Smear the Cream!

There are a variety of proven and efficacious medications available on the market that are approved for Overactive Bladder symptoms of urgency, frequency and urge incontinence. Most of the medications are well tolerated with typical side effects of dry mouth (approximately 25%) and constipation (approximately 10%), which are short-lived (last for a few weeks). Most are once-a-day pills.

Recently released is a gel that can simply be rubbed onto the skin (upper arm usually), once a day, to achieve to same desired results. It is oxybutynin in gel form. It is the “original” overactive bladde drug that comes now in oral generic form, but as a pill it lead to high side effect issues, not only dry mouth and constipation, but sleepiness, concentration issues or short term memory issues, especially in the elderly.

The gel is absorbed through the skin thereby bypassing the liver and therefore minimizes side effects. The study included 352 women. A recent phase III trial reported dry mouth rates of 7.4% and constipation rates of approximately 3%. Application site reaction (rash) was about 2%.

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