Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Overactive Bladder

Overactive Bladder (OAB) is quite a prevalent problem in both the female and male population. It can exist both with and without urinary incontinence. OAB is defined as having frequency and urgency of urination that is abnormal. Frequency of urination is abnormal if it occurs more than 8 times a day during waking hours, while urgency is abnormal if it is uncontrollable or painful. It can occur with and without incontinence, known as urge incontinence.

OAB with incontinence is also known as OAB-Wet, while simple OAB without incontinence is known as OAB-Dry. About 1/3 of women with OAB have OAB-wet. 85% of women with OAB will present with frequency, while 50% will have urgency.

Approx. 21 million adults in the US (10%) will have OAB-Dry, while 6.1 million (12% of the adult pop.) will have OAB-Wet.

Because of embarrassment only about 1/2 of all patients bring it up with their physician.


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